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New Laurel School 1898 - 1923
From the late 1860's until 1898 children who lived on the west side of Damascus
attended the "Old Laurel School" which was located just outside the present
day city limits (between the road and the river near CM). It was a one room log
cabin at first, later it was a frame house. A larger school was needed by the late 1890's
and a new school building was built just down the road in what is known as
"Roe Town." The New Laurel School was one room with a pot-bellied stove
in its center. The new school operated until 1923 when the new
consolidated "rock school" was built. During its history the New Laurel School
was also a community center and a church. After the school board no longer
needed the building it was sold to the people of the community and has
since been the Laurel Community Church.

Duff Family reunion - 1910

Soon after the Civil War, the first post office in this part of the country was established
in the home of John Rambo. His son W.D. Rambo was the postmaster. Mail came by
"pack" and then by train. Mail carrier shown here is Henley Ramsey of Damascus.

Three girls at the Damascus Mill Bridge.

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